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Correction & Apology - Thoughts as we prepare for Purim

03/22/2024 04:57:41 PM


Thoughts as we prepare for Purim

03/22/2024 02:47:01 PM


A Fifth Shabbat

11/10/2023 03:16:30 PM


Join Me at the Rally for Israel

11/07/2023 04:34:45 PM


Time for Shabbat

11/03/2023 03:10:18 PM


Israel-Hamas War Informational & Supportive Resources

11/03/2023 02:27:39 PM


Identity Crisis Podcast - From the Shalom Hartman Institute

For Heaven's Sake Podcast - From the Shalom Hartman Institute

Poems from October 7

Voices From Israel - From the Shalom Hartman Institute

How are Israelis grappling with the horrors of October 7 and its aftermath?  What sources are they turning to for perspective, solace, and inspiration? Over ten days, a minyan of Hartman faculty will teach Jewish sources about loss, resilience, hope, and grief that illuminate their personal experiences during this unprecedented moment in Jewish history. 


11/03/2023 10:42:24 AM


Update this content.

Israel programming in the next week

10/26/2023 11:01:32 AM


Ways to offer support during the Israel-Gaza War

10/23/2023 10:13:46 AM


Action Items

#BringThemHomeNow website - an initiative of the Hostage and Missing Families Forum

#BringThemHomeNow sign-up form

Tehillim for Israel WhatsApp group

One Minute a Day to Bring them Home


Education & Advocacy


Parenting Teens in Wartime



Financial Support

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s Israel Crisis Relief Fund

Hadassah Hospital Crisis Fund  - Your gift puts the expression Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) into action as we work to heal and repair our own beloved Israel in these devastating and uncertain times.

HIAS Emergency Response in Israel - HIAS has worked in Israel since 1950, developing strong knowledge of the operating environment and a powerful network of local partners across the country. Within 24 hours of the brutal attacks, HIAS activated its established Emergency Response capacities to provide life-saving support to those displaced in Israel, including critical information to asylum seekers and displaced families. 

Magen David Adom - General site & contributions

Magen David Adom Ambulance - Support the purchase of a new ambulance through Beth El of Durham, NC.

United Hatzolah


Yashay Lechayal

Koby Mandell Foundation

Reuth TLV Rehabilitation Hospital  - During these difficult days, the Reuth Tel Aviv
Rehabilitation Hospital is admitting wounded soldiers and civilians from the Gaza border communities to begin their journey of physical and mental rehabilitation.  Donate here

Dror Israel - Organization Deborah Secular is working with to help during the war.

Other Collections of Resources

What you can do to help Israel at this time - ISRAEL21c ( 48 options, sorted by type of aid)

Support 4 Israel | Vetted Orgs, Resources, and a list of The Fallen  (39 choices, sorted by type of aid)

The Israel Aid Alliance

Wishing all a Shabbat Shalom

10/20/2023 04:35:09 PM


Another way Jews respond to communal distress

10/11/2023 05:00:55 PM


Israel Reflection from Rabbi Werbow

10/09/2023 05:36:13 PM


72 Hour Community Vigil in Ward 4

01/29/2023 02:16:57 PM


Reminder: Shalem Program on SEAChange Jan 28

01/25/2023 07:15:18 PM


RENEW!!! The Ultimate Jewish Book Club!

10/19/2022 03:58:43 PM


Deadline Extended!!! Last call to join the TI Civil Rights Journey to the South

08/30/2022 03:03:39 PM


Reminder to Register: TI Civil Rights Journey to the South

08/25/2022 02:54:38 PM


Havdalah of Support

06/24/2022 04:37:09 PM


Thanks from Rabbi Werbow

06/10/2022 02:18:55 PM


Reflection from Rabbi Werbow

05/27/2022 11:14:54 AM


Meet Up Instructions: TI Co-Sponsorship of "The Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice"

05/16/2022 03:35:25 PM


TI Co-Sponsorship of "The Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice"

05/13/2022 01:54:00 PM


Prayers and Support for Ukraine

02/25/2022 11:30:27 AM


Zoom Format Change for This Shabbat 11/27

11/24/2021 05:01:11 PM


Veterans Day 2021

11/11/2021 02:49:51 PM


Rabbi Werbow

The Ultimate Jewish Book Club!

09/27/2021 03:52:43 PM


Yom Kippur & Beyond

09/24/2021 11:40:48 AM


Purim '21 Plans are Brewing

01/26/2021 11:35:05 AM


Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784