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Public Health Policies

MASKING POLICY (Vaccine Policy below)
Effective Friday, April 14, 2023, masks will be optional at all Tifereth Israel events, services and classes.

TI replaces its policy of Dec. 12, 2022 with the following masking policy:

  1. The guiding principle of Tifereth Israel’s masking policy is to simultaneously:
    1. Continue to accommodate, to the fullest extent possible, community participation by members who believe that community-level masking is an important safeguard for their health; while also
    2. Allowing members, prospective members, and guests who are no longer wearing masks to participate masked or unmasked as they see fit.

2. Effective April 14, 2023, masks shall be optional at all Tifereth Israel events, services, and classes, whether outside the facility or within it (including the Wolman sanctuary, Cherner auditorium, Reamer chapel, Himmelfarb School, library, “ping pong” space, lobby and hallway spaces, kitchen, offices, and other spaces), except as specifically noted below.

  1. At all services (whether in the Wolman sanctuary, Cherner auditorium, Reamer chapel, or elsewhere) the mask-optional policy will expressly apply to identified and marked sections of the seating area; other spaces will be maintained and clearly marked as mask-required.
  2. TI Event organizers are encouraged to make large community events as inclusive as possible. This could include having some mask-required activities, Zoom activities, outdoor activities, or other approaches that offer various audiences an opportunity to participate as they are comfortable.

3. Event hosts of off-site events (e.g., Havdalah potluck) shall have the option of requiring masking in their homes.

4. Masks shall be optional during meals, social events, etc., whether in the Cherner Auditorium or elsewhere, with the following exceptions and specifications:

  1. At all food-service/ meal events, outdoor seating will be available for anyone who prefers to eat outside, weather permitting.
  2. Generally, organizers will make good-faith attempts to make community events as inclusive as possible via use of mask-required food-service or other options.

This policy will take effect on April 14, 2023. The Board will reevaluate this policy as conditions indicate.

Approved April 10, 2023 by the TI Board of Directors


It is the policy of Tifereth Israel to strongly encourage vaccination against vaccine-preventable illnesses, through signage, notifications, and educational efforts. Particular focus should be on seasonal flu and, as appropriate, requirements may be added to address public health emergencies.

Further, it continues to be TI’s policy that every student who attends the Himmelfarb school shall present documentation of vaccination in accordance with D.C. law before their enrollment in the Himmelfarb school can be confirmed.

Approved March 14, 2022 by the TI Board of Directors

Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784