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We are fully committed to being a welcoming and inclusive community so that each individual can fully participate in Jewish life and ritual. For our members, visitors, and friends, we offer accommodations such as assistive listening devices, ASL interpretation, large-print Siddurim, wheelchair and bathroom accessibility, and more.

For information or assistance, contact Sheri Blonder at
or 202-882-1605.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
ALDs are available for use in the Wolman Sanctuary. They are kept in a basket next to the bimah when you first come in the doors from the Juniper Street side. Look for a small black box about the size of a deck of cards, connected by a wire to an earpiece. You do not need a hearing aid to use an ALD.

ASL Interpretation
ASL interpretation can be provided for services upon request.

Accessibility for Wheelchair Users and Others

 There is a ramp located at the Juniper Street entrance. 
• The Wolman Bimah is accessible via electronic lift.
• An elevator stops at all levels of the building except the Wolman Sanctuary balcony.
• The Cherner Auditorium has a ramp down to the lower level.

There are accessible bathrooms on the main level and the Cherner Auditorium level.

Prayer Books
TI has large print siddurim for daily worship, Shabbat and Festivals, and for the High Holidays. For the High Holidays, please tell the greeter if you want a large-print machzor. You can also reserve one in advance by calling the office at 202-882-1605.

Decompression Room
During High Holidays, we have a designated quiet space  for people with sensory sensitivities and others. 

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