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Rabbi Emeritus Ethan Seidel

Ethan Seidel began as rabbi at Tifereth Israel in 1992. He is a graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary, and holds both a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Oberlin College*. He is married to Rachel Breslow Seidel, and they are the parents of three adult children.

After 28 years serving Tifereth Israel, Rabbi Seidel retired in August 2020. From August 2020 until the end of July 2021, Rabbi Seidel will not attend congregational events, so as to further the bonding process between the community and Rabbi Michael Werbow. Starting in August 2021, Rabbi Seidel looks forwards to reconnecting with the TI community.

In retirement, Rabbi Seidel has been enjoying the opportunity to study gemara more seriously (focusing on the 7th chapter of Bava Metzia), as well as honing his baking expertise (focusing on sourdough), continuing his bicycling, and has taken up classical guitar, a life-long wish.  Along with his wife Rachel, he is also spending a number of months up in Boston, providing childcare for their new grandson.

The congregation honored Rabbi Seidel during "TI Day" on June 7, 2020 and you can get a flavor of that joyous day  here. We are grateful for his many years of leadership and are now proud to call him Rabbi Emeritus.

Contact Rabbi Seidel by clicking here.

*You can hear Rabbi Seidel chanting and singing here.

Wed, February 28 2024 19 Adar I 5784