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Himmelfarb Curriculum

What we learn…

Keeping in line with the values and priorities of Tifereth Israel, the Himmelfarb Religious School focuses on the importance of community, Hebrew decoding fluency, tefilah skills, and a broad understanding of Jewish life and culture. 

Tefilah Workshop consists of working our way through prayers in the service by understanding key vocabulary, nusach, meaning and reading mastery.  Himmelfarb davens together each Sunday, with student leaders, and Rabbi Werbow using upbeat and engaging tunes.  In addition, the Himmelfarb School takes a prominent role in leading services for the entire congregation throughout the year.

Our Judaics curriculum incorporates an eclectic approach to learning about the holidays, including school-wide events such as Nailed It! Passover Edition and our Tu B’Shevat Ice Cream Seder.  We focus on essential aspects of Jewish culture, ensuring our children develop a deep, personal Jewish identity, through such topics as Shabbat, history, Biblical literacy, and more.

How we learn…

Himmelfarb puts as much emphasis on how our children learn as what they are learning.  We offer our learners options in how to master learning objectives.  Choices have included Beit Midrash, music, Builder Space, Maker Space, drama, and more.  This past year, our students engaged in close readings of fundamental Bible stories, and then recreated a crucial moment from the text out of Legos.  For our Shabbat unit, students in the music room wrote lyrics to popular signs demonstrating their learning.  In the days leading up to Shavuot, our children made Omer counters, learned how a Torah scroll is written, and enjoyed an immersive Sinai experience. 

Why we learn like we do…

Language acquisition is incredibly individualized, and we understand the importance of learning in a manner that works for that student.  Therefore, Hebrew tutoring is done online in individual or micro group settings. 

Our open classroom approach works to build community and strengthen social bonds, and allows opportunities for the Himmelfarb School to explore putting our values into action. It also effectively allows learners of all styles to be successful socially, emotionally and academically.


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Please reach out to our Director of Lifelong Learning, Rabbi Kelley Gludt for more information.

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